Whew. It’s been such along while since I blogged about anything. Since Typhoon Pablo happened in December last year, my photojournalism life took over my crafting life. Then in January, a major life project finally began (bits of that I might share in my future posts here) which is taking so much of my time–weekends included–as well as my creative energies.

Once in a while though, I tried sneaking in some creative projects just to get away from the stress of everyday life and get a much needed dose of crafting happiness. Here’s a few of those:

carved some stamps out of the erasers I got from the bookstore

chalk drawing on the board hanging beside my desk

WASHIed my stamp carving tools

made some bracelets for myself 🙂

my first attempt at drawing…

here’s another…

And then it’s finally summer here in the Philippines! The heat had been so unforgiving especially to a photojournalist like me who needs to spend lots and lots of time outdoors. I wouldn’t mind the heat though if I’m in the beach but sadly, I’m not (and the loser me will not enjoy any surf and sand for several months because of the loser skeds. gah.). So everyday, I always wish that I could just stay indoors and craft the day away but the only thing that’s coming true is me throwing glances at the craft supplies I’ve hoarded for the past months (**heart breaks**).