I am not an expert at sewing. I must admit, I even hardly know the basics and can barely sew in a straight line. But this craft is something I consider very close to my heart because what I know now about it are not things I learned from books or from the Web but from hours of watching my mother sew pen cases and throwpillows and curtains and even my school uniform when I was a kid. Being her little helper, I used to sit under her sewing machine (which is what we are still using today), trimming the threads off the pen cases and throwpillows she has finished.

I don’t get to use my mother’s sewing machine that often though since it conks out on me most of the time and I have no idea about quick fixes and stuff. But two weekends ago, for some reason, it has been in tip top shape, allowing me to finish a crazy number (about 16!) of window shades for our home office.

And aside from the shades, I was also able to make a craft apron and a tote bag. I have never sewn anything this many in my entire life and my mother said that my sewing has greatly improved. Coming from an expert (and my mother at that who quite meticulous with most things), I am over the moon!

My mother’s decades old sewing machine

The craft apron I made inspired by the one made by Alessandra Lanot as published in the Candy DIY Book. Then I handpainted it instead of using rubber stamps for the print.

Modelling my craft apron 😛

My new rubber stamped tote bag

My new rubber stamped tote bag

I still have several sewing projects in mind. Hopefully, I get to do them all soon before I give birth in June. Whew!