Oftentimes, when I am feeling down and out of sync with the world, I usually head out to that part of a store where they sell cute notebooks, pens and papers. This often lifts my mood. These cutesy stuff just make me oh so happy.

So today, I thought of sharing with you the notebooks I have collected over the years. They are not expensive as I don’t want to feel any remorse when I want to use them. Prices range from Php 20 to just a little under Php 200.

I love florals! I am dying to own one of those Rifle Paper journals but they’re expensive especially if you add in the shipping. I wonder though if they’re available locally. Heima is selling some Rifle Paper stuff but none of those journals I like. So for now, I’ll make do with these equally pretty notebooks.

I love notebooks with cute, colorful and interesting prints

A planner with spaces for writing little notes

|Left| Fabric covered notebook |Right| I was fixated with this color (aqua/turquoise) for a while and it was mixed in with a pop of red so I am inlove.

|Left| I liked the simplicity of its cover and its quite large so its ideal for writing. |Right| This is a giveaway by a real estate company. It’s cover is embossed with flowers. It’s also ideal for writing because it’s quite thick and the spaces between the lines inside are huge.

Vintage inspired notebooks. The two on top, they have graphing paper-like pages so I liked it.

I found this one at a bookstore. It’s cover is made of plastic where you can insert whatever you like. So I customized the cover with washi tape, doily paper and a typewritten contact info.

Loving notebooks with plain covers too!

A Norwegian Wood notebook which Crystal, my bestfriend, got from Hong Kong, if I am not mistaken. Its inside pages are kraft paper with some Japanese texts in between some of the pages.

This is a notebook which Keith, my husband, designed for a donor-organization and which they gave out to partners during Christmas.

These are the notebooks I am using now. I have different notebooks for different purposes. |1| Notebook I use for news coverage. It’s small and sturdy so perfect for writing notes while on the go. |2| This is where I write notes on my pregnancy–what I eat, what I have been doing during the day, what I have been feeling. This will be useful during doctor’s visits and I think this will be cute to show to my little one when he’s/she’s all grown up. |3| Sketchbook and calligraphy practice pad. |4| Where I write my to-do lists. This is always on my desk at home. |5| This is the notebook that I have all the time in my bag. It contains notes, lists, budgets, etc. |6| A notebook for my crafting life where I list to-dos, wishlists, and possible projects.

I also found this cool blog, Notebook Stories, which contains interesting stories on people’s notebooks and/or their collections. There are also DIYs, vintage notebook restorations and so much more. Enjoy the read! Have a great weekend everyone!