Last July 15 (late post again, sorry), we celebrated Maxi’s nth birthday. Maxi is our Dalmatian whom we adopted from a friend who also adopted her from his friend or relative. And since we really don’t know the date, and even the year of her birth, we designated every July 15 as her birthday.

31880_402024419400_4742462_nMaxi, the birthday girl

So for Maxi’s birthday this year, I made her a cake–or at least the icing. I decorated some store-bought chiffon cake with icing (recipe here) and topped it with bougainvillea. Yes, you read it right–bougainvillea–as in the flower. Web search says its edible so even if our birthday girl devoured it, it’s safe (*wink*). I also made a papercut topper to greet Ate a happy birthday 🙂

papercutalmost done!

cardthe rasta cake in pastel (my husband’s words)

Too bad we weren’t able to take a video of Ate Max (as we fondly call her) getting all excited with her cake but below is a photo that pretty much sums up Maxi’s eagerness to get a taste of her birthday cake.

card-2happy birthday max!