While surfing the web a few weeks ago, I came across this tutorial of handmade felt baby shoes. Since I was busy with other stuff that time, I added it to my list of bookmarked craft projects to do.

During Black Saturday, I finally got to try doing it. Wrapping the upper piece over the sole and pinning it was a bit tricky for me but somehow I finally got the hang of it after several tries. I actually made about three pairs for the yellow one because everytime I get to the end, the fit just seemed weird. I realized that your cut of the cloth should really be perfect so that you can wrap it around the sole nicely and get the perfect fit and shape.


Like Mommy, like Jordi

Hers vs. mine. Uhhmmm…Yellow is not my favorite color but I’ve got several pairs of shoes in this color. Weirdo.

Another pair in white with embellishments given as a gift by my college classmate Minrose

White and purple

I hope that these pieces are really among those stuff our Little Kulet would actually use since I also plan to include these in a “treasure box” which I want to give to her when she’s all grown up like on her 18th birthday or wedding day or something.