If you’re looking for something design-related to watch over the weekend, then I’d highly recommend the documentary “Helvetica” by independent filmmaker Gary Hustwit. It’s a film about–you guessed it right–the very popular and omnipresent font Helvetica.

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The film has been around for quite some time (2007 to be exact; the same year Helvetica celebrated its 50th birthday). I’ve watched it quite a few times already (but only shared about it now, sorry) and it never fails to amaze me. I think Hustwit is just such one fine genius for coming up with a documentary on one single font. ONE SINGLE FONT!

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This documentary made me think that because we are bombarded with so many materials using different kinds of fonts–advertising, news, product labels, and the list could go on forever–they have become so commonplace that they have become a part of our system. It’s like breathing air! They have become such a big part of ourselves, of our everyday lives that we failed to appreciate/criticize them, and think about how they affected us and influenced our decisions and actions.

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The visuals and interviews in this documentary are really good and enlightening so if you’re a design freak and typography addict, then this documentary is really for you.

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Hustwit has two more documentaries on design: “Objectified” and “Urbanized.” Both are also highly recommended. 🙂

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