I love fonts! And I am amazed with the many wonderful people who dedicated their lives in churning out beautiful fonts like this awesome girl named Emily Conners who created the “one-woman foundry called Emily Lime.” Read her interview here.

Designers like Emily makes things in this world several notches more beautiful with their creativity and genius. As Massimo Vignelli said in the documentary Helvetica:

The life of a designer is a life of fight–fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor who fights against disease. For us, visual disease is what we have around and what we try to do is to cure it somehow with design.

I’ve seen Emily’s fonts several months back and they are just so pretty–perfect for invites or crafty projects. Scroll below to see some samples how her fonts look like.

thursday craftlove
using the bombshell and bergamot fonts


“what i love most” by thursday craftlove using the bombshell and bergamot fonts


a helen keller quote using the bombshell font by thursday craftlove

Happy Saturday everyone!