At last, after more than a month since getting my fabric paint from Deovir, I finally found the time to DIY my old flats which I have been keeping for some DIY project.

It’s an old, trusty, comfortable flats (and my favorite too!) in bronze which I haven’t worn in years, so maybe its longs days inside the shoe cabinet might have caused its coating to chip off.

I started by peeling off it’s bronze coating and removing the ribbons. Then, I painted it with engine red fabric paint (2 coats) and allowed it to dry for 24 hours. I then attached the ribbons and TADAAAAAA, I now have some “new” shoes!

Easy peasy!

| above | the old shoes with its coating chipping off  
| below | shoes stripped with its coating and ribbon

the old-new shoes in all its splendor 😉

Thanks to my hubby-lovey Keith, by the way for scouring the art supplies shop. I was on the phone with him all the while he was picking out the paint colors I wanted–all of which turned out to be unavailable except for this engine red fabric paint which turned out to be really pretty. He also got me three more colors with glitters waiting for another DIY project. Yey for supportive husbands!;)