Add some extra love to the gifts you’ll be giving away this Christmas with these simple DIY gift tags.

They’re super easy to make and the materials you will need are just lying ‘round your home waiting for your creative touch!


– paper bags
– scissors/cutters/paper trimmer
– corner punches/pinking shears
– pencil eraser (which we will turn into a stamp)
– inks (I used black, green and red watercolor inks but you can use any color of your choice)

you will need some paper bags, cutter/scissor/paper trimmer

1. Choose paper bags with minimal creases (though you can use them too to add character to your gift tags) and those with thicker quality. Cut the unprinted parts of the paper bag with a scissor, cutter or paper trimmer.

2. Trim it down to desired size for the gift tags. Fold.

3. Adorn the corners using paper punches or pinking shears.

4. Turn the pencil eraser into a stamp. You can find the tutorial here. If you have Christmas-themed stamps, you can use them too.

5. Stamp away!

Tada! You’ve got unique gift tags that will make your gifts even more special.

You can also read about this DIY (and other holiday-related craft projects, plus hundreds of awesome paper goodies and gift ideas) at Discover Paper’s 2012 Holiday Guide.

Don’t completely throw the paper trimmings just yet. Give them to the worms in your vermi compost (as a Christmas gift perhaps?*wink*). If you don’t have one, maybe you can start a vermi compost as a New Year’s resolution then.

Have a merry, crafty Christmas! 🙂