Our (new) house is one heck of a mess right now since we just moved in last week. Boxes and bags and what-nots are all over the place occupying whatever precious floor space available. So to get away from it all (and I have really been dying to join similar workshops since and meet fellow crafters), I joined Life After Breakfast’s 1st Watercolor Crafternoon in Davao City last Sunday.

Alessa of Life After Breakfast taught us the basics of watercolor (how to hold the brush, different techniques and washes, etc) and then to apply what we learned, she handed us postcards of birds which we had to copy (draw and color). I picked a postcard with a red and black bird (and I forgot its name) and since there’s drawing involved in this exercise, as expected, I sucked bigtime.

We were suppose to have another exercise (watercolor on wood) but since we ran out of time, Alessa just gave the wood slabs to us as assignment and submit what we did through Instagram  (super cool!).

It was fun meeting people who share the same passion as I do. Oftentimes, I really feel so alone since only a few people from my circle can really understand my need to craft and do something with my hands (and yes, hoard supplies too!) Although we really didn’t have enough time to talk to each other, it was a chance for us to meet and learn together and hopefully, we’d be meeting again in the next crafternoon 🙂

the kit for the crafternoon:  Sakura Koi Watercolor Set, brushes, pencil and pretty stickers and calling card from Alessa

I think this was the part where Alessa was teaching us about the wrist flick technique

Alessa and my classmates at work

That’s me (standing 2nd from right) with Alessa and my classmates. And yes, I really intended to hide my work (haha!) Thanks to Mansy for this photo 🙂