Are you one of those people hoarding “garbage”, thinking that someday soon you’ll be able to use them for some crafty project? Are they piling up, eating your storage space, and finally making you crazy?

Then, you’re not alone. Because I got the same habit and dilemma too!

When I was a kid, I remember my mother hoarding whatever “garbage” she thinks has potential (used mason jars and cans, scraps of paper and fabric, dried leaves, seeds…name it). This used to make us crazy (especially my father *hehehe*) but when I saw how she turned them into something new, useful and beautiful, I have learned to appreciate them. And then somehow, her hoarding skills rubbed off on me too!

Over the years, I have collected quite a volume of “garbage” and among those in the pile (uhhhmmm…more like cabinets of them) are strips of paper which I never, ever had the heart to throw away (I am always reminded of the number of trees cut just to make them). They are leftovers from different crafty projects, printouts, and even some from my DIY projects for my wedding almost two years ago.

some strips of sticker paper (above) and parchment paper  (below)

Recently, I thought of breathing new life on them by turning them into labels and tags. With the help of my stamps and inks (you can buy them online, in craft stores  and bookstores), they get to be useful again. No paper wasted!

stamps are your bestfriends…

and inks too… (Inkadinkado Stamping Markers in Metallics Pigment Ink and Primary Watercolor)

Inkadinkado Clear Stamps

And with Christmas just around the corner, your strips of paper can become pretty gift tags. Just grab some Christmas-inspired stamps (there’s a lot online; I also saw different designs in Fully Booked), and stamp away!

I had a stamp made with Thursday CraftLove’s logo which I use in product packaging

the recycled strips of paper used in product packaging

say hello!

I’ll be using these as product labels/tags

more love


Happy stamping!

I was a bit frustrated with the clear stamps (they’re made from a material which looks and feels like jello) though since the inks didn’t adhere the way they do with rubber 🙁